The Benefits of using VoIP

What are the Benefits of using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), Some Best Advantages of using Voice Over IP

When it comes to making voice calls from your house, people are usually given two options. You either use conventional telephone lines to make phone calls, or you make good use of your internet connection and use Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP instead. Certain companies provide VoIP services, such as Xfinity with their home phone. They even have cool bundles and packages such as Xfinity Triple Play, which allows you to get internet, TV, and phone services in one bundle!

Move on to read some of the essential benefits of having VoIP rather than telephone lines for calling in the present times.

The Benefits of using VoIP

It costs less to have a VoIP system for calls

Even though the VoIP system is fancy enough to make use of the internet to make calls, it still costs less to have it than a traditional telephone line system. It can easily be observed that traditional telephone lines or landlines usually cost around $50 per month as compared to VoIP, which costs less than $20! Mind-boggling isn’t it? This would mean that if you shift to VoIP from a landline phone, it would reduce your phone bill, not by half, but more than half.

You save up on the cost of copper wires since VoIP does not require copper wires to function. With a reduction in your bill, you can also save up on a lot of money that would have been wasted on a landline phone and its maintenance. You can also save up on paying taxes and repair fees. If you are someone who works remotely, a landline phone would be more costly while VoIP would save you all that cost.


A better accessibility

One of the best things about having VoIP and not a landline is the fact that you can make calls from absolutely anywhere at all. You just need to make sure you have a good data connection and a good internet connection. If you are still not able to take calls, you could have someone else take your calls on your behalf or you could later have all your voicemails emailed to you. If you run a business and your business phone runs on VoIP, then you can even take your phone with you wherever you go and make calls with it. VoIP also allows people to work more effectively when they are working remotely and they can make contact regardless of wherever they are.

Your number is portable, take it anywhere

When you get a VoIP connection, you are assigned a specific number that acts as your virtual number. No matter wherever you go, you can use the same number since it is virtual. This is the best thing that could happen to people who travel a lot. Even if you end up changing your address, you can still use the same number that is assigned to you.

A Better Sound Quality

Initially, VoIP saw a lot of problems when it came out. This could be because the internet was not as advanced as it is now. Now that we have better internet, we are certain that the internet that we have is fast and stable. Due to this, calls that are made on VoIP are now much better and the voice quality has increased drastically. There are no issues in the latency and the calls occur in real time. Even issues with calls suddenly dropping have now been fixed with better internet.

You should make sure your internet has good bandwidth so that your calls are as flawless as possible. Similarly, phones that are dedicated to VoIP also have dedicated microphones that make sure the sound quality is as superior as possible.

The convenience of having a softphone

A softphone is a virtual version of having a phone and it functions exactly like Skype, you can make calls very easily through it. You don’t need to have a physical phone for it. This does a lot of other good things for you as well such as making sure you have more space on your desk if you are at work, it makes sure you don’t need any more equipment. It ensures that you can take the softphone with you anywhere at all. It also allows you to stay connected with people without having to use a landline for it.


More Security

VoIP calls also make sure that your calls are more secure than ever. They also can save you from fraudulent calls. VoIP calls are also encrypted for added security and save you from identity theft since they let you manage your identity. Due to this, it is less likely for you to be vulnerable to security attacks.

Wrapping Up: Benefits of using VoIP

These are some of the things that give VoIP superiority over telephone lines. They help you save up on your bill and give you more security as you call. Not to forget, they make sure your calls are clear.

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