[Solved] Amazon Pediasure 7+ Quiz Answers – Watch and Win Rs 10,000

Amazon Pediasure 7+ Quiz is the newest addition to the Funzone section of the app. This new quiz is a watch and win type quiz where you will watch a 30-second video and answer questions based on that video.

Amazon Pediasure 7+ Quiz Answers
Amazon Pediasure 7+ Quiz Answers

The video aims to highlight the benefits of new Pediasure 7+ and how it helps kids in the age group of 7 to 14 years. The winners of this quiz will be selected by a random draw of lots.

Amazon Pediasure 7+ Quiz: How to Play?

Amazon Pediasure 7+ Quiz is being held via the Funzone section of the app. Here’s how you can find and play this Quiz.

  • Download the Amazon mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the Amazon app on your phone
  • Log in using your existing account or create a new account.
  • Search for Funzone and click on the first result.
  • Scroll down to find the Pediasure 7+ Quiz.
  • To be specific, this quiz is located below the “Play and Win” sub-section
  • Click on the banner to enter and press the Start button.
  • Answer all the questions correctly to eligible for the lucky draw.

Pediasure 7+ Quiz Questions and Answers

  • 1: (D)
  • 2: (B)
  • 3: (C)
  • 4: (D)
  • 5: (B)

Question 1: What are the benefits of PediaSure 7+?
Answer: (D) All of them

Question 2: How many flavours of PediaSure 7+ are available?
Answer: (B) 2


Question 3: PediaSure 7+ is for which age group?
Answer: (C) 7 – 14 years

Question 4: PediaSure 7+ has the goodness of ?
Answer: (D) Both 1 & 2

Question 5: Between 7-14, the bones of children can grow by how much?
Answer: (B) 1.5x

More Details

  • The declared winner(s) will be eligible for winning an Rs 10000 Pay Balance.
  • Quiz is being held from 18th March to April 4th, 2021.
  • The names of the winners will be announced on April 5th.
  • A total of 10 participants will be selected.
  • The winners will get their reward on or before April 23rd, 2021.
  • The winners must have their mobile number verified with Amazon.in to claim the prize.
  • Your participation is considered as consent to use your image or likeness for promotion.
  • Amazon reserves the right to cancel the contest at any time.
  • Winners will be informed through email or message to claim their prize.
  • You must provide a valid proof of identity if you are selected as winner.
  • You must be a resident of India and must be of age 18 years or older to participate.
  • Amazon also reserves the right to change the terms and conditions.
  • Amazon employees, their immediate family members as well as affiliates are not eligible to participate.

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